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About Me

Hey there!

Welcome to my digital realm! I’m Alison, a devoted digital artist whose journey into the vibrant world of art was as unexpected as it was serendipitous. Following an unforeseen departure from the corporate world right around Christmas, I turned a new leaf, embracing the creative call that had always whispered in the depths of my heart.

Art for me is not just an expression, but a sanctuary. It’s where I weave the tapestry of my experiences, dreams, and the subtle narratives of everyday life into visual symphonies. Each piece I create is a fragment of my soul, a story untold, a dream visualized.

Life at home is a beautiful, bustling world of its own. My son, who has profound Autism, teaches me every day about perspective, patience, and the unspoken language of love. He is my constant reminder that beauty exists in every corner of life, in every form it takes. My journey is also shared with my three young adult children, whose own paths inspire me with their diversity, resilience, and unyielding pursuit of happiness.

Amidst the chaos and the calm, my puppy and cats are my silent muses, adding a touch of whimsy and warmth to every day. They remind me that joy can be found in the simplest of moments, and love, in the smallest of gestures.

In my portfolio, you’ll find more than just art; you’ll discover pieces of a life lived with passion, love, and a touch of the unexpected. Thank you for joining me in this journey. I hope my work not only speaks to you but also inspires you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the art in the everyday.




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